The Popularity of Modern Acrylic Canvas Art

Acrylic paint is a modern media when compared with watercolour and oil. Oil for example has been used by artists as far back at the 15th century and watercolour has been used as an artist medium since the Renaissance. With such history of these other two mediums, acrylic is always fighting to gain recognition. Acrylic has distinct characteristics as oil and watercolour do and the National Acrylic Painters’ Association was set up in 1985 to champion and support this media. Acrylic is capable ...
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August 20, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Marian Kraus Photography - Fine Portrait Photographs For Corporate Art Collections

Marian Kraus is one of the finest photographers working today, specializing in the creation of corporate art collections that are perfect suited for the decoration of office buildings or home spaces. The Marian Kraus Photography site hosts a plethora of samples from the vast array of portrait, nature, and specially designed corporate art collections attributed to his name, all made available for direct purchase at reasonable prices straight from the artist’s online home.Kraus’ exceptional ...
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August 19, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Original African American Art

African American paintings are in high demand, we know that for sure. The mixture of the two cultures combined into one form of art is truly beautiful, but what are the artists really trying to portray? Moving from somewhere you know as your home and landing in a foreign country is hard enough. Learning the language is achievable, and art is similar to that of a language. You need to learn to adapt quickly to a new way of life and remember that it is not just a language, but a culture as well. ...
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August 17, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Reverse Glass Paintings: Essentials To Know

Reverse glass painting is a popular art form all around the world. Quite unlike a canvas painting, the reverse glass painting technique requires an artist to paint from back-to-front i.e. in reverse order. In simpler terms, the difference is that canvas painting is painted on the same side which ultimately would be viewed by people while, in a reverse glass painting, the side which is painted becomes the rear side while the other side is viewed as the final artwork.As it is evident from the ...
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August 16, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Contemporary Arts

This season get products made of art and craft materials that enhances the whole look of the office or home it dwells in. Imagine it's the corporate gifting season & you get a choice to choose between a splendid crafted vase that will suit best in the corner of your cabin or common pen set box as a gift from your boss. Which one would you prefer? Though the answer is tough as individual taste cannot be defined, most of the time one would forget the practicality of the pen which will be ...
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August 15, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Abstract Paintings Help Transcend the Limits of Normal Language

Abstract paintings are compelling. Many people find that whether they love or hate them, they cannot help but be drawn to them, to engage with them, and to have to contend emotionally with them. An abstraction is a unique concept. It sort of tinkers with our brains, spirits, and emotions in fundamental ways. It takes our minds and pulls, twists, and prods at them in subtle ways that sometimes have surprisingly not-so-subtle results. It is not uncommon for an observer of a certain art piece to ...
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August 14, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Folk Art Auctions

Folk art auctions feature a wide range of objects that reflect the artist’s craft traditions, and traditional social values.  Folk art is generally produced by people who have little or no academic artistic training.  Folk artists usually use established techniques and styles of a particular region or culture.Folk art auctions include paintings, sculptures and other decorative art forms.  Some artists also consider utilitarian objects such as tools and costumes as folk art.  For the most ...
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August 13, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Become a proud owner of classic giclee print of a work of art

The word giclee is born from French language. It means spraying and while printing the ink is sprayed on to the canvas to obtaingiclee prints. The digital printing technology uses a multicolor inkjet printer to get such astonishing prints. It uses a fine spray produced by six ink cartridges which use the archival superfine quality pigment based ink for the purpose.   Development of technology can be seen in many fields and development in printing technology has advanced in leaps and bounds ...
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August 11, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

Art Auctions on eBay

I’ve been looking at art auctions on eBay all day today.  I have found some wonderful things.  I browsed the Art category and chose the subcategory of self-representing artists.I like what I see for sale.  Art auctions on eBay are a great way for an unknown or even a known artist to sell their paintings.  I found some nice paintings in the featured section.Since I was looking at art auctions on eBay, I used the option to just view the picture gallery.  I’m glad I did that because I ...
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August 10, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment

What To Look For In Indian Art

Indian art is filled with tradition history and devotional in nature. Its uniqueness is that it centers around Indian history, art and religion. In order to understand and relate to Indian art you must have knowledge of its Indian religious status and the political history.To fully understand the encompassing work of the artist, you must first understand the nature of India ancient art history along with its political nature. In times past the rulers of India sponsored the arts and therefore ...
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August 9, 2014 Posted in: Art and Entertainment